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-The Real Estate Investor’s Manifesto filled with gems that will provide you with the core  concepts to making informed Real Estate investment decisions .


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Customer Reviews

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Adelbert A.

Enjoyed the book. Very educational

Diane C.
The Real Estate Investor's Manifesto

In my opinion this is a very detailed step by step breakdown of Real Estate Investing. This book can help one decide if he or she truly wants to invest in Real Estate. Actually I had to read it twice just to be sure this is the path I want to take.

The author speaks on the importance of having a title company before you purchase property. He also emphasizes the importance of hiring the right team of professionals for your real estate investments portfolio.

Finally, we're reminded that "it all takes time, dedication, money, risk and the right core concepts in place until you get it right". All in all, a very good book!


I’m truly enjoying this book so far & House Hackonomics is excellent!

Steven D.
MG Book Review

I was pleasantly surprised. The books that I ordered were ` The Real Estaes Investors Manifesto1 and `House Hackanomics`. What made it so pleasant was both were easy reads and were truly straight to the point. The fluff was at a minimum. Most others i`ve read had an `Upsale` component that would be quite apparent. Although it gives the beginner Investor limited information, it is the crust of the pie with lots of flavor in anticipation of the filling. I`ve passed it on to some of my friends for their young ones to read. Much love to the MG...

Montral S.
About books and order

Books are very informative, thanks. I also appreciate how fast my order reached me.